Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shopping with Target

Planned to buy a pair of high-heels or a skirt for myself with RM100 on one Sunday afternoon when I was in a shopping mood.

Stepped into Tun Jugah. Looked around at vicci high heels, none fit my feet. Yeap...I prefer certain pattern for high heels. Moved on to the miniature corner, bought a bottle of crystal oil for hair at RM25.

Before leaving the building, I bought a RM30 reload card for handphone.

There, I only had RM45 left for high-heels or skirt ;p

Walked across the road, headed to Sarawak Plaza. Scanned around the big LEA footwear shop. OMG, the particular pattern of high heel that I like is not to be seen! *SIGH*

Then, I dragged my feet to Watson, bought a lip defense. Goodbye to another RM10. What should I do with the leftover? I suggested to have a piece of cheese cake. When walking towards the coffee bean, saw the menu on KFC's table. Since when they have cheesecake? So instead of turning right to push open the door lead to coffee bean, we turned left towards KFC. Ordered cheesecake and some fried chicken, there RM15 gone ;p. RM20 left in the purse, neither a skirt nor a pair of high heels is bought.

When I am in the shopping mood, I always get upset if fail to get anything.

*shake head*

Yes, I know it is not easy to be a sensible lady.


Pink Cotton said...


u shud start with ur target first ur target first then the rest you can buy the ocipala stuff :)

mwee u make me wanto buy baju too!

psst..the new heels i bought still in the box... :(

papercrazy said...

Ladies are never sensible...We are VAIN

Vincci got good offer lei...what zie u wear??

I also want to shop for baju...Zerlina got sales.....U shud be getting better deals there..:-)

zeroimpact said...

At least you spend it on something
Don't worry, no point buying something you don't like just because you are in the mood to shop
I bet you'd find something that you'd really like

Red Sponge said...

pink cotton, hehehe...i wore my last pair of new shoes on that wedding ;p er...if I do not buy something, I am afraid I might get upset later on ... ahaha

papercrazy, heehe what is zie? 'x'
Zerlina???!!! hehehe...I think RM100 might not be enough! ;p

zeroimpact, hehehe...I tried to get rid of that habit. I do not like to get upset over such matters. This post is going to remind me once I was like that...hehehe...

Chen said...

at least u buy something u like :P
and didn't come back home with tangan kosong :D

Winn said...

ok wat tho u dun get to buy heels but u get to buy a lot of other things leh!

Red Sponge said...

chen, true lo... learn to spend the money on something useful before i cincai buy anything hehe..

winn, hmm...those stuves not fun der...but reload card is ok... time, when u feel like to throw money, do not forget to get yourself reload card..or mayb!

Mr.Goober said... only necesseties..that's sensible!

what happened to your feet that you had to drag it? lol~!!

papercrazy said...

Hah?? U don't know what is zie?? That's another meaning for size lor....I'm using paper's language


no lah, typo error...shud be size...

Red Sponge said...

mr.goober, *uhuk uhuk* u dun understand...after spending the money...another few puluh RM gone in order to buy the targeted item. HAHAHAHAHA....

HMPH! my feet dun want to talk to u..and so do my legs! *KICK PEANUT TO HOLAND*

Papercrazy, kekekekeke...hep! u r so rude~~ how can u ask abt the size??? muuu...hee...u try to guess 'x'!!!!

Mr.Goober said...

Mr.Goober screams with pain from Holland~

Chen said...

hahhaa.. i thought u will kick peanut into someone's mouth instead :P

13th Panda said...

u r easily distracted!

but i'm oso like that la..MUAHAHHA

Red Sponge said...

mr.goober, muahahahaa...SAYONARA~~

chen, how? Mac is inside Goober's tummy dy 'x'!!!!

13th panda, hehehehe...u can buka puasa end of this year, but I have to wait till next year...LOL!!!

Pink Winnie said...

haha.. although u din buy the heels but still got bought something kok.. is better lo.. sometimes i go find things i wan to buy but finally nothing is bought.. u say cham or not..
we r same ho.. i also 'll upset if din buy anything o.. i know why lo.. 女人从购物中得到满足感。。i tink that's our problem..

Red Sponge said...


女人从购物中得到满足感 is true for both men n women when they bought what they want eh! ;p

But i do not want to get upset when cant get i want le...

Pinky_piglet said...

bo pian la...kuching de shopping center to small...can fulfil our demand and they sell the clothes or shoes no for our taste...

Pink Winnie said...

i think men won't so upset like women kua.. i also don know how to overcome this problems too.. haha.. ya lo, pinky.. so sian shopping at kuch la..