Monday, July 17, 2006

Mangosteen Season

OMG...I have never seen so many mangosteens available in the market. It is like ppl selling langsat. Waiseh...I love mangosteen alot.

After so many times passing by the mangosteen stalls, I decided to buy some during the weekend. I seldom eat mangosteen as my parents told me that it will cause death if one drinks coffee or eats anything sweet after eating the fruit. I am not sure how true it is but still make me trying to avoid eating it even though I like it. Ah, then last night, I ate mangosteen lo. I thought it would be safe to eat at night as I wont drink coffee during night time. Later that night, I drank some ice kacang bought by my koko. OMG, I took sugar. I only realised it before I fell asleep. Duh, can you imagine how torturing it is? I was so sleepy already but still worried that I might not be able to wake up this morning. I kept feeling each part of my body to ensure I am alright and until...finally I fell asleep. And...I wake up again! Sheesh ... so scared. But, is it true that cant take anything sweet after eating mangosteen?!! Yikes...When I told my parents this morning, they still dare to laugh at me. ~,,~

okla, since I told you the silly joke already, I might as well tell you the other one caused by mangosteen also.

Last Friday after work, when my bf and I walking towards the car, we passed by a lady who was eating the fruit. Haiyer, I can hardly control my saliva. *Slurp* Then my bf said:"Hey, she is eating the mangosteen, you want some?" Oh, I quickly nodded my head and thinking inside: 'x' he is so nice, must be bringing me to buy some now. Before I started to skip my way to the car, he continued:"You want? You ask the lady, see whether she is willing to give you one or not!?" @#$#^^&*! He has changed! If it was few years back, I am sure he would buy me the fruit once I see it. *sigh* Anyway, a surprise to me that he can joke like that too! LOL!!!!

p.s. So sorry no photo to show you the stalls available and the dirty mangosteen look that I ate. They arent appear in purple color like the one we used to draw back in school days, they are abit brownish...dirty dirty like that. haha!


Pink Cotton said...

eeee lasap kui!
can omos imagine how tham ciak u r ..WAHAHAHA


Chen said...

I bought mangosteen yesterday too..
and ate some today as well (my colleague has a mangoesteen tree in his kampung and he brought a packet of mangosteen & rambutans to our workplace)

Red Sponge said...

pinkcotton: HEP! Is sour + sweet wo. So nice!

chen: OH that means the no sugar after eating mangosteen is TIPU lo? tsk tsk tsk...i am going to eat ALL the mangosteens! Muahahahah...How much you buy?, kuching ppl sell it RM3.50-RM4.00 per kilo. Quite cheap!

13th Panda said...

I didn't know redsponge u like mangosteen..c if i got go back my unc house, if i do, i will c if the mangosteen tree berbuah not..if got, i will bring back some for u..keke

papercrazy said...

U can get 3kgs for RM10 at 3rd mile bazaar and eat to your heart's content!!!

Guess the no-sugar-with-mangosteen is just a myth lah....but one thing for sure, it is a very 'juak' fruit!

Red Sponge said...

13th panda: khik...ok! Thanks first!

mng: Wah...u like mangosteen too? hee...Ok thanks for ur infor! 'x'

Chen said...

similar price.. around RM3 to RM4 per kilo. Today I saw someone selling at the roadside next to the hospital during lunch hour time : RM5 for 2 kilos :P

Red Sponge said...

Waiseh so cheap! *slurp slurp* You are coming to kuching right? You buy that for me as souvenir. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH 'X' i know u r coming to kuching? You mentioned it somewhere ... but dunno where.

Chen said...

red sponge,
yeah, i'll be flying to kuching in one week's time :D Wah.. buy mangosteen as souveneir? wah wah... hahha..

Red Sponge said...

chen: heee nola nola..just kidding...LOL!

or2ng3s said...

lol, hmm ur honey so humourous one hor..

Red Sponge said...

or2ng3s, muuuu...u want humourous or thoughtful? *khik*