Wednesday, July 12, 2006


First, I am busy playing my role as kuku. But after a while, I am trying to get back to my LIFE 'x'. Hee...I mean how could my lovely nephew disturb my normal life. RIGHT? RIGHT? I am sure that is not his intention to be here. PANDA!

Next, when I finally have time to sit down and enjoy my blogging life, I realised that I have problem to get the internet connection! The cause is unidentified yet. It could be
1. streamyx down
2. my router/modem KONG by the thunders
3. my network card got problem

Finally, I am lack of a digital camera. Whenever I want to take pictures on something, I have to borrow camera from someone and by the time I got the camera, the mood is like 50% gone already. =(



VampireM said...

I thought you saving up for camera lei... So long liau still don have?

Project fail?

Pink Cotton said...

steal the camera like how u stole his phone la 'x'!

Red Sponge said...

vampirem: sigh...project deadline is sometimes in September ler. Not smooth ler...sian!

pinkcotton: camera pun ditarik balik liao...what to say more?