Monday, March 20, 2006

Your Future

I have been a counselor to my 2 cousins who has just got their results for SPM and STPM. What course should they take up?

10 years back, the students complaint that never get a chance to choose what course to take up. Because that time, parents rules. During my time, say 5 years back, I have the chance to make my decision but still have to go through my parents. Today, the students are allowed to make their own decision. It is fantastic, isn't it?

They would consider a lot of aspects before they make their decision to go for the right course. The RIGHT course here referring to a course which is:

  1. an Easy course
  2. a Short course
  3. Job promising after graduate
  4. Income promising
  5. Affordable fee
  6. Available at university/college at certain location

My cousins have a lot of high quality questions to consult me like:

  • What profesions do you think have higher demand in near future?
  • What profesions can earn more money?
  • Which local university is good?
  • etc

Ya, very standard questions to ask and I can give them the same standard answers like:

  • The profesions that have high demand and with high income: doctor, lawyer and marine engineer.
  • Good local university: University Malaya.

But, is that what they want? I dont think so. If that is what they want, they might as well let the parents decide for them.

If you have the choice to make the decision, you should apply for a course that you like or interested. It might take 3-4 years for you to complete a course, but you will spend 30 and more years working in that particular area.

Once my cendawan besar (my papa's eldest sister) asked me: Can you cope with your job? And I told her: yes, quite ok. After she listened to my answer, she was quite relieved and said: Good to hear that. If you are doing something that you are not very good at and always facing problem, for sure it is very torturing.

She is right. You would never learn the word 'tension' if you are doing something that you like. Not only that, you would also take the initiative to do research and improve yourself from time to time. And all these can help you to excel in a certain field. If you are not doing something you like, you will never have the motivation to expose yourself to that area.

Here, my only advise to my dearie cousins (and those who come to the cross road on how to choose a course): Choose something you like and interested if you have the chance! You can do it! Well, if you do not have a choice, never give up! Since we know the fact, even we do not like it, but we still have to put double effort to love what we do until d-day when we have the POWER to choose again! =)

Quote from FULL HOUSE (the korean drama that I have just finished): Life is not easy!

Add on:

Life is not easy but we can make it fun!

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