Saturday, March 11, 2006

3.8 Day

March 8th is the International Women's Day. It is a special day to me too. I am not sure how my friends and I had make it become my 2nd Birthday during our school days! LOL

I suggested to them that next time, when we buy cars, we will make sure our car plate numbers consisting the number 3 and 8 so that I can recognise my friends on road easily. Years later, now, we bought cars but do not bought the 38 car plates. When I chose my car plate number, all the people: uncles, aunties, papa, mama, etc said NO! Halo halo...It is ME buying the car ler. *sob sob* However, we still got either a 3 or an 8 in the car plate la!

It is easy to turn something into a bad or unpleasant state, eg: 38 which is, erm, just putting 2 innocent numbers together and associate it to some irrelevant description which is kepo ma (busybody). Then ppl starts to get angry when being called 38. Even now I think there are people do not really understand why is there suddenly a 3.8 Day. They might link it with kepo ma. In fact, the 3.8 Day is the Women's Day! To me, we should celebrate it for the reason we are of the sex called female. If 3.8 should has a meaning, let's make 3.8 = great women who have been struggle for equality, justice, peace and development. I always feel relief that I am born at the right time. We are all human, regardless sex and race. The differences between each and every individual exist to make the world become a more complete and wonderful place. The concept is as simple as rainbow is beautiful because it is colourful(got it from one of the song by Beyond).

Previous years, the birthday wishes would fly in as if it is MY BIRTHDAY! You got what I mean? HAHA..And I even received some present on this big day few years back. Of course, I would have to remind everyone about it!!

This year, day passes by so quickly that I do not even realise that it is March 8th already. So, I waited for someone to send me some wishes since that morning.

tick tuck tick tuck

At night, received 2 sms: one from winnie the pooh and the other one from an unknown number. LOL. Both are forwarded sms and does not mean to wish me Happy Birthday. At least, got something la! Then the next morning, got another mail from bf, it is a surprise that he remembered. Because normally only friends will play this game with me! LOL

Anyway, wishing all the girls, ladies, women, mamas, neneks: HAPPY 38 DAY!


13th Panda said...

Happy Belated 2nd BDAY!
So does this means that u aged twice a year?means now u r 50++??LOL

kidding ya..:-p

Red Sponge said...

Hmm...Let's celeb it together la! ;p