Monday, June 18, 2012

My son missed my wedding!

Aden: 妈咪,你结婚了没?(Are you married?)
妈咪: 结婚了。 (Yes, I am)
Aden: *不开心* 为什么你没有等我出世? (*Unhappy* Why you did not wait for me?)
妈咪: 做么勒?你要来妈咪的婚礼?(Why? You want to attend my wedding?)
Aden: 嗯!(Yes)
爸爸: 有video勒。等回家给你看video好吗?(Got video. We show you the video later, ok?)
Aden: 好。 (OK)
妈咪: Aden,你知道妈咪跟谁结婚吗? (Aden, do you know mommy married to who?)
Aden: *想了一下* 跟爸爸。 (*thinking* Papa)
妈咪: 对了。 你怎么会知道? (Correct, how do you know?)
Aden: *很得意* 因为我们房间有一张照片, 我每天都看一次,所以我知道。 (*Proud* Because there is a photo in our room, I look at it everyday, that's why I know)