Thursday, February 09, 2012

My little angel

I was telling ccw I got stomach ache and then Aden was trying to comfort me.

Aden: 妈咪,你肚子痛?
Mummy: *点头+可怜的表情*
Aden: 妈咪,我以前有肚子痛吗?
Mummy: 有。
Aden: 妈咪,做么我会肚子痛?
Mummy: 因为你总是吃不好的东西咯。
Aden: 妈咪,我好了没有?
Mummy: 好了。
Aden: *拍我的肩膀* 妈咪,不用紧,会好的。 好吗?

Aden: Mummy, you got stomach ache?
Mummy: *nodding, show pity face*
Aden: Mummy, last time I also got stomach ache, right?
Mummy: Yes.
Aden: Mummy, why I got it?
Mummy: Because you always take unhealthy food.
Aden: Mummy, am I alright now?
Mummy: Yeap.
Aden: *patting my shoulder* Mummy, don't worry, you will be alright. Ok?

He is trying to tell me what cause the stomach ache just like when I was telling him how he got it.

He reflects everything of us!

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