Monday, June 06, 2011

Me and Transformer

Yes, I know how to "play" with transformer because I have a son.

*slap on forehead*

I don't like robot. I never know who is Optimus Prime! Bumble Bee, Megathron.

But, my son got a few robots that can turn into vehicles and vice versa!

So, he wants a robot now but then he wants it to become a vehicle the next minute!

He will bring the robot to you and said MUMMY, wo yao bian che che..wo yao bian robot.

Mummy took the robot and turn and twist, turn and twist, neither look like a robot nor a car. Pass it to papa. Papa took whole night to turn and twist and finally the robot come out. Pass it back the son and the next minute, the son passes it back to the dad and said he wants it to become a car! Sometimes, we even need to seek help from ccw's cousin.

Finally, on one fine day, I learn how to do all the turning and twisting! Now, I can spend less than 5 minutes to fix the Optimus Prime. I feel so proud of myself. I told ccw, I never expect myself to know anything about Transformer!

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