Monday, November 30, 2009

My son can speak

Yes, baby Cola can speak quite a lot of words already.

He is 15 months old now. He can understand what I tell him most of the time. But it is the mama who cannot understand what he is talking about sometimes!

Incident #1
He wake up from 3 hours morning nap, it was already 1pm. It has passed his normal lunch hour. While letting him lazying in his cot, he suddenly requested for milk. I told him it was time for porridge. He repeated the word milk. I tried to persuade him to take porridge instead and his eyes started to turn red. Popo came over and looked at him. He turned his head away avoid seeing us or avoid us from seeing him.

Incident #2
I drove him to waipo's house. On the way, he told me what he saw like che che (car), bu-s, lorry/lorwie. Then suddenly he said something which I have no idea what it is and I have forgotten how he pronounced it now. I told him that I did not understand what he was referring to and he repeated it a few times. I had to apologise to him as I really could not figure it out.

Incident #3
I was on facebook. Baby Cola joined me and so I decided to show him his birthday photos I uploaded there. When he saw my sil and Bulat, he immediately called out mei-mei (kiu mei) and ko-ko. Then suddenly he pointed at the right side of the screen and said:"Fish". Yes, there is the fish image from FishVille - the latest game in facebook!

Incident #4
Outside Rock Road Seafood Restaurant, while waiting for ccw to park the car, baby Cola looked inside the restaurant and said:"Fish". Yes, he spotted the fish swimming inside the aquariums.

Incident #5
He played with ccw's credit card the other day, so I told him that it is credit card, and he managed to pronounce it as te-dit-KAD! So cute!

Incident #6
He stop from crawling on the floor, holding his palm up. He examined the dirt on it and said:"yi-yi"! You just need to clean it so that he can continue to crawl.

Nowadays, besides from ko-ko, he loves to call jiu-jiu and mei-mei too. He learns to say "bu yao" (don't want) instead of ngmoi in hakka now.

Over the weekend, I noticed "something" about baby Cola. My mom, lil moo moo (my youngest nephew), baby Cola and I were at the living room. Baby Cola was busy playing with Bulat's toys, I was chatting with my mom while watching tv and lil moo moo was enjoying his tummy time. Then lil moo moo had wet diaper, so my mom left lil moo moo and went into the room to take diaper. Baby Cola noticed my mom walked pass and turned to look at lil moo moo for a while, he decided to put down the toys and crawl towards lil moo moo. He then sit near to lil moo moo. I think he wanted to keep lil moo moo accomapnied while my mom was away. So, I told him to "sayang" di-di, he touched him gently on hand. When my mom returned, he continued to play with his toys! LOL. Then, got once when lil moo moo was placed in his play pen, baby Cola tried to play with him from the outside. He raised his voice and made funny sounds to "play" with lil moo moo. Just like how we (adult) cartoonise our voice while playing with babies, baby Cola is like a big boy doing all these. So sweet of him.

What other things he knows how to
Do the actions of washing hands and brushing teeth.
Greet people by doing "give me five".
Standing without holding for 1-2 minute.
Walk a few step with either side of his arm is grabbed.
Put the spoon into mouth. But I have yet to let him feed himself.
Pour water into a pail.


Pink Cotton said...

kekeke he know how to be koko fun! i like to see little babies interact with each other...kekeke

when u dono wat he is talking about he din get angry meh? 'x'

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, no wo...He is not sure he said it correctly or not also ma ;p

fel said...

so cute hor...
i am going to see him soon. hehehe..

Pink Cotton said...

kekeke...big boy already...
fun to see him grow up from a little baby to bcome a little boy that is 'dung si'<--know things

13th Panda said...

AWWW, ur Cola is a considerate BB..I think he got this from his father 'x'!!