Friday, February 02, 2007

Doggie Joke

Last night, before I fall into sleep, I thought of this joke.

When I was working in Brunei last month, I stayed at my colleague's place. Her husband and another 3 colleagues of mine from other department @ Kuching were there too. They were there earlier than me. In short, we are kind of strangers to each other.

The 3 colleagues are very noisy one, I mean they are very active and naughty la. So, one of the them is my schoolmate last time. He is the joker all the time.

Then one evening after work, my colleague's husband brought us (in a 7-seater car) to the KL, border between Brunei and Limbang (it is Kuala Lxxxxxx, I cant remember already), you google it and let me know. We were there to renew either the car or the husband's passport lor.

On the way back, after we had filing up our stomache with RM instead of the Brunei Dollars, we were very happy lor. We were chit-chatting and joking in the car. In the middle, my colleague was telling her husband something about their 2 doggies at home. I think she was telling him about how obedient the dogs are as they wee wee and poo poo on top of the newspapers or something like that.

Then this schoolmate of mine sitting at the last row suddenly interrupted and said:"Eh, the name of your dogs are so cute?!" Being polite, my colleague replied him by saying:"Really, thanks!" Even tho I am not a doggy lover, since he said the names are cute, sure I would not want to be left behind, so I asked what their names are. My colleague told me. The names are quite common la, but I cant remember already. But what my schoolmate said that made us laughing all the way back.

He said:"Eh, I thought you said that they are Wee wee and Poo poo, no?!!"


Then the other colleagues started to teasing him that he might name his children Bong Wee Wee and Bong Poo Poo next time!

Hahahahahahaha...But, well, the Wee Wee and Poo Poo are indeed very cute names, if your children do not mind to be teased.

"Wee wee and poo poo go toilet!"


Pink Cotton said...


CH** WEE WEE sounds nice wo!!!!!

Chen said...

the name of the makan place is Kuala Lurah :D

faint kaw kaw at the name poo poo & wee wee. Abuthen, I have a guy friend by the name Wee Wee leh..


VampireM said...

kesian those two doggies with that name...

don wan give u doggie to rear

zeroimpact said...

Errr, got people will use that meh
Quite cute also la when used, but then I doubt the usage in everyday life

Mr. Goober said...

now whats a real nice and cute name..but they mustn't work as toilet cleaners..and also cannot work with dbku..otherwise they end up somewhere else

Redsponge said...

pink cotton, i think CH**** POO POO not bad too. So next time, when we bring them to toilet, we say:"Let's go, Wee Wee and Poo Poo!" mwehehehe

chen, BINGO!!! Kekekeke...that's the name! Thanks! Hehehe..I think alot of people name wee wee ho?! Okla..actually what i mean is wee wee and poo poo must be together, then only it is farni lor.

vampirem, hehehe ... this would be the kindest thing that u did! Hahahaha... nola..the doggies' name are not wee wee and poo poo, that schoolmate misunderstood!

zeroimpact, yayaya...bringing wee wee and poo poo go out would be fun!

Redsponge said...

mr. goober, u get the POO POO then!