Friday, May 05, 2006

Amy's Wedding

Dearest Amy,

On 1st of May, you decided to register yourself with the title Mrs Kiew. Even though you told me that you are going to get married half a year ago, when I saw you in your wedding dress early that morning, I still have some hard feelings. I kept repeating this to you and myself that Ni Jia Le. Yes, she is married.

Dear Mrs Kiew,
When I heard the pastor called you in such a way, I felt very happy for you but at the same time, the bu she de feeling grew from inside.

If you were to ask me why I am so bu she de her to get married, I would say it is because of we call each other as jimui. Jimuis, for sure there is some meaning. We spent our school days together. We shared our thoughts and feelings together. Even though we do not have much time spent together after F5, we never have any strange feelings whenever we met up with each other. We still laugh, talk our heart out like before. We must have been absent from each other daily lives or even some big event, but we know that we are always there to support each other.

AND Who said there is no affect by this act of yours? At least the next time IF we were going for travelling or so, we might not be able to sleep on the same bed! BLEKS =P lol!!!

Dear Amy, the hard feeling I had that morning all gone when we hugged each other later that morning. I know that in fact, you are still AMY but with an extra title: Mrs Kiew. =)

To the other 3 jimuis out there in Penang, in Singapore, in New Zealand, Amy is going for honeymoon now! =) I bet that 2 are living happily ever after like the prince and princess now. 'x'!! Mr Kiew is indeed saying something really touching that morning at her house. Would like to share his words to you all, so that you know she has chosen the right guy! By the way, he said those words after a deep thought.

I love you. I love you very much. As much as you love me! (laughters)
I will be the one to apologize no matter what it is. (sob sob)

Some part in the converstaion between Grace and Mr Kiew:
Grace: What time you go home every night (meaning after married
Mr Kiew: 10pm.
Grace: WHAT? WHAT time you off from work? why go home so late? You want her to wait for you at home???
Mr Kiew: No no no...i havent finish my sentence yet. I mean we go pak tho and have dinner outside then only we go home.


Here are some little gifts I got from the wedding.

This is the small red packet given by the bridegroom to the jimuis and basically everyone there.

This is a erm..can I call it a brooch? LOL...All the brothers and sisters wear it. It is pretty.

The guests who attended the dinner can bring this little packet of the perfumed artificial flowers home with them.


Pink Cotton said...



p/s wa jin kia ler...y u so like to sleep with ppl on the same bed??? 'x'

Greenleaf said...

Honestly, I don't know who is Amy and how does she look like... But in my opinion, I think it indeed need a lot of courage for a guy to express his love i front of many ppl (Shy ma..) Haha... That's y I think Amy has chosen the right Prince and I think that they will live happily ever after.....